Terpac has well over thirty years’ experience in research and development of hanger styles and mold making. If you can imagine the style of hanger you want Terpac can help you move from dreaming to doing.
Today’s global market requires the hanger manufacturer to be increasingly innovative, customer centric and socially responsible. Terpac manufacturers hundreds of hanger designs able to be produced in various colors or materials, both plastic and wood and include high tech features with either non-slip coatings or co injected rubber.

Custom Made Hangers

Terpac has the ability to turn any hanger into a special custom logo printed hanger. Our factories worldwide are able to pad print, hot foil print or laser print your logo onto any hanger giving a special upscale custom appearance. Terpac can provide Specialty hooks, Special labels, Raised lettering embossing with custom colors and spray-on non slip surfaces


Terpac will provide the value added service of attaching the size tab indicator to the hanger in advance for special orders


Terpac understands the market place and sees the need for closed loop recycling programs. Terpac has developed return systems that allow us to recycle, restore and repack hangers according to acceptable quality practices and standards. Terpac is all about looking at new ways to reduce the carbon foot print of our products and production. Recycled and reclaimed materials are used whenever possible, without hurting the hanger integrity or performance. When we build new hanger designs Terpac is also focused on the end of life that product will face and work diligently to be sure that all products are easily recyclable at the consumer level and local municipal recycling programs.

Commitment to customer service, meeting required delivery dates, immediate follow up on customer
concerns and dedication to detail sets us apart from others in the industry.


Terpac Plastics International Inc.

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